We are almost done!  We were warned at the start of the summer that it would fly by, and *woosh* suddenly it is almost all gone! It’s taken about 10 pounds of coffee, many late nights and early mornings, a field trip to some beaver ponds, waaaaayyyyy too many hours stuck in traffic between the… Read More

21 sessions, 60 people, 5 pages each person, all dutifully transcribed, for a total of 8,167 words. I think we’re done with actually running sessions, but who knows?  We may actually still do more.  In the meantime though, the analysis continues.  There are soooo many different results we’ve gotten, and trying to figure out which… Read More

Last week was so fun that I forgot to post….  Oops.  I spent the beginning of the week working mostly on my poster and presentation, as well as arguing with MatLab.  I wish I could say that I won those arguments, but I think MatLab is totally beating me.  Oh well. I did finally figure out… Read More

So I know that technically, today is Thursday, not Monday, but man, it sure feels like a Monday.  On the first actual Monday this week I spent roughly 6 hours transcribing the worksheets and surveys that we had our subjects fill out.  The final Word document was 30 pages long.  At times, I felt like… Read More

This week started with a bang!  A very confused, stressful, running all over CIRES bang.  Last week, we were stressing that we wouldn’t have enough volunteers; we ended up with 47.  We thought we had a room ready to use, but then it turned out to be occupied.  As was our back up room.  So… Read More

This week was….  not actually super exciting.  That happens sometimes.  It started strong, I sent out a bunch of emails to professors asking for help recruiting students, and literally walked 7 miles around campus putting up flyers one afternoon, and then…  waited.  Waited for professors to email me back, and students to sign up, and… Read More

I cannot believe how fast time is flying by!  I am just about done with my first week of actual work, and I am pretty amazed by how much we’ve got done.  For my work, I will be using biometric hand sensors (fancy fit bits) to determine different levels of student engagement with different learning… Read More

I’m sitting here on a lovely Saturday afternoon, reflecting on how amazing this week has been. This is actually the third time I’ve started a blog post, because there is just so much that could be said.  I don’t want to bore anyone with my rambling! So, to be concise, here are a few observations… Read More