This week started with a bang!  A very confused, stressful, running all over CIRES bang.  Last week, we were stressing that we wouldn’t have enough volunteers; we ended up with 47.  We thought we had a room ready to use, but then it turned out to be occupied.  As was our back up room.  So we ended up in a huge auditorium, which was far from ideal, but we made it work.  Although we did start the first session almost 30 minutes late (pretty terrible for a 30 minute study).

After all that nonsense though, we got settled and got to work.  I got into the swing of things, and told people to note the highlighted instructions to press their event button at least 70 times.  Now we’ve gotta get our data all analyzed, which will be complicated- a big part of the study is using the sensors to monitor tiny changes in how much a person is sweating, so the unbelievably high temps outside were definitely a “confounding factor.”  Even if it turns out that most of the data is not what we were hoping, we still learned a ton, and should have a great poster and presentation.  First step is to transcribe 50 pages of comments though.

Wish me luck!

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