I’m sitting here on a lovely Saturday afternoon, reflecting on how amazing this week has been. This is actually the third time I’ve started a blog post, because there is just so much that could be said.  I don’t want to bore anyone with my rambling! So, to be concise, here are a few observations and thoughts I’ve had about the past week!

First of all, what an amazing group of people! On Monday, I walked into CIRES feeling totally unsure about the whole process, and how I could possibly have been chosen for such an amazing opportunity. However, by Friday (before then, really, but I’m not sure exactly when the shift happened), not only was I completely confident that every single person in the RECCS program would help me succeed, but all of them have helped me feel more confident about myself and the unique skills I bring. Despite all being community college students living in Colorado, we all come from different backgrounds and have different specific areas of interest (although we are all clearly passionate about science), and learning about everyone has been fascinating.

Speaking of fascinating, the talks and lectures and field trips we’ve had have been so incredible! It’s one thing to vaguely know that there are lots of scientific research projects going on, but it’s completely different to get to actual experience doing it. I had a blast measuring the diameters of trees and pulling up ground water and seeing first hand all the cool equipment they use to study the atmosphere or geology or beetles or whatever.

I could probably go on for a few more pages about what a blast we had between Cards Against Humanity games and hikes with new friends and really interesting discussions about everything environmentally science related, there’s no shortage of thoughts. Now it’s time to read some scientific papers.

I cannot wait to get started on my actual research! Polar bears and hand sensors and climate change, here I come!


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