So I know that technically, today is Thursday, not Monday, but man, it sure feels like a Monday.  On the first actual Monday this week I spent roughly 6 hours transcribing the worksheets and surveys that we had our subjects fill out.  The final Word document was 30 pages long.  At times, I felt like brain was going to start melting out of my ears (do you know how hard it is to intentionally misspell words?  I typed “artic” so often I’m half convinced that that is the correctly spelling…), but then someone would have a comment that was very insightful or interesting or funny, so that would wake me up a bit.  Tuesday was spent figuring out pie charts on Excel. One particular one was especially challenging, but I did get it in the end, so that was good.  You’ll see it on my poster.  Even if you don’t notice how awesome it is, I will point it out, because I worked very hard on that thing!

Then it was Wednesday Weekend! All us interns (well, almost all of us), had a great bbq in the park.  Many of us had family members who were able to come too, so that was really fun meeting everyone.  I learned that I am not going to win any “Ladder” championships anytime soon, but that’s alright.  I still had fun, even though I lost horribly.

And now it’s Monday again.  On a Thursday.  I spent the morning trying to remind myself of all the MATLAB stuff I had learned last week.  It did not go super great.  I will get it eventually though.  That’s what I was doing when I decided I needed a break, in the form of a blog.  This still counts as working though, right?  Maybe?

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