Last week was so fun that I forgot to post….  Oops.  I spent the beginning of the week working mostly on my poster and presentation, as well as arguing with MatLab.  I wish I could say that I won those arguments, but I think MatLab is totally beating me.  Oh well. I did finally figure out how to make a graph on MatLab using data from the sensor website that had been automatically saved into an Excel document, so that was good. We realized that we don’t have quite enough data, so we’re running more sessions this week, which will hopefully resolve some weird outliers we had (without getting too complicated, we had two types of videos that people watched one of, to compare which imagery was the most engaging, and saw that one group has much higher engagement levels, which is great, except they also had higher engagement levels before even watching the videos, so that’s….  not great).

Friday was a ton of fun though! I got to do some field work with another RECCS intern up in the mountains.  He’s looking at the soil  around beaver dams.  We had a very fun day of splashing around in ponds and sinking hip deep into mud and getting a bit of rain (but that was ok, the rain kept the flies down).  My waders turned out not to be entirely waterproof, luckily I had my shiny red rainboots in my car.  I even found a pretty heart shaped rock!

All in all, pretty good week!  On to the next one!  The summer will be over before we know it!



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