This week was….  not actually super exciting.  That happens sometimes.  It started strong, I sent out a bunch of emails to professors asking for help recruiting students, and literally walked 7 miles around campus putting up flyers one afternoon, and then…  waited.  Waited for professors to email me back, and students to sign up, and Dave the IT guy to get MatLab on my computer (I do love Dave, he is awesome and super helpful).  As of Thursday evening, we only had 3 people sign up, and we need 40, so we were talked about how to change the project if we can’t get enough volunteers.  And we waited.

It’s not Saturday morning though, and we have one 4 person slot completely filled, and another 6 with at least 2 people, so we are looking good!  And Dave, the Amazing IT guy, got MatLab on my computer, so I was able to run through some tutorials, and it’s sorta starting to look a bit less foreign.  Next week I’m sure we’ll be running again, doing a bit more last minute in person recruiting (“Hey people walking around, wanna go make $20?”), doing the actual study, and starting to actually use the data we collect.  I’m looking forward to it!

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