We are almost done!  We were warned at the start of the summer that it would fly by, and *woosh* suddenly it is almost all gone! It’s taken about 10 pounds of coffee, many late nights and early mornings, a field trip to some beaver ponds, waaaaayyyyy too many hours stuck in traffic between the Springs and Boulder, but we only have a week left.  I wonder how much coffee it will take to get through this last bit?

I gave a practice presentation to my department yesterday, which went really well.  There’s still a bit of finishing touches and polishing that I need to do, but I’ve got it well in hand.  My poster, on the other hand….  It needs a bit more work.  I haven’t touched it in weeks.  I’ve been a little distracted with doing more study sessions, making the power point for the oral presentation, hosting visiting family members, some minor illnesses, leaning MatLab and maybe even getting some occasional sleep.  One the plus side, I’ll be able to do a bunch of copy and pasting with only minor tweaks from the power point to the poster.  And I am 100% confident that I can answer all but the most difficult questions that people may through at me. It’s pretty nice to feel this confident, actually.  There have been plenty of times throughout the summer that I didn’t feel that.  It’s good to end on a high note!

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