There is a cover letter workshop hosted by NCAR’s Education & Outreach team on March 4th, 9:30 am. To participate in the cover letter workshop, please complete these 6 steps:

1. Register for this workshop.
Also please email Valeria Sloan ( to let her know so that she has your email address!!

2. Find a job ad to work with. It can be a past job ad or current job ad. Search for jobs:
Higher Ed Jobs (Example: results using the term ‘meteorology’)

Chronicle for Higher Education jobs board – with keyword ‘atmospheric’ used (try meteorology, climate, modeling, etc.)

Here’s one.

3. Research the job and department (and faculty, and university).
– What do they do, what focus do you see, what do they care about, do they have grad students, what are the teaching loads of faculty there?
– How might your field of expertise fit in with what they are looking for? Could you collaborate with anyone on faculty there?

4. Read up on cover letters.
Cover Letters
1. Cover Letters for Academic Positions (a 2-page doc with tips + 2 examples)
2. How to Write a Successful Cover Letter (Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 22, 2020)
3. The Professor Is In: Why Your Job Cover Letter Sucks and What You Can Do To Fix It
4. See slides 6+ onward in the attached PPT file

5. Write a cover letter for the job that you picked.
6. Upload your cover letter and the job ad (with your name in the filenames) before the workshop, on March 1st.
Upload your files here.

Tip: set up Job Alerts:

Create a job alert on these websites, and see what comes into your mailbox. 

Create a job alert at Inside Higher Ed

Set up job alerts at the Chronicle for Higher Education website

Prior to the event, if you like a bit more information about the job search, CVs vs resumes and Cover Letters, please download the slides below:

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