If you aren’t receiving emails from these departments, make sure to check out the events that are happening today through next week. You can find the calendar here. This calendar is always a good one to keep checking on. Today: Publication Bootcamp: Summer 2020 Edition Webinar: Moving from resistance to writing Tomorrow: Habits, Happiness, and… Read More

The community at BioRender would like to invite the CIRES Graduate Association and its members to help us decide who will win over $50,000 in prizes! Please feel free to vote on submissions from the following fields:Molecular Biology, Genetics & BiologyMicrobiology & ImmunologyCell biologyAnatomy, Physiology, & MedicineNeuroscience, Cognitive Science & PsychologyBioinformatics & BiotechnologiesPlant, Animal &… Read More

Are you searching for something that will help you formulate your research into a more easily accessible format? Do you need a break from researching and writing all day? This graphical abstract contest may help! Please check out the link below if you are interested. Deadline is JUNE 9THhttps://biorender.com/graphical-abstract-contest/?utm_source=persist&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=contest You may even win some money!… Read More