March Events

3/9: CODE:SWITCH Speaker Series: The Incarceration Transparency Database, with creators Professor Andrea Armstrong, Professor Judson Mitchell and student collaborators from Loyola University

3/1: Intro to Digital Humanities: A Gentle Introduction to Text Mining
3/1: Data Visualization the Ultimate Level: Video production (Part 1)
3/2: QGIS
3/3: RC New User Seminar
3/7: Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Information Session
3/8: Data Visualization the Ultimate Level: Video production (Part 2)
3/10: Super Computing Spin Up: Part 1 — Working with Linux
3/15: Intro to Digital Humanities: Interactive Essays with Juncture
3/15: Data Visualization the Ultimate Level: Follow Up Bonus Clinic
3/16: GeoPandas
3/17: Super Computing Spin Up: Part 2 – Job Scheduling

R Series, co-hosted with LISA:
3/3: R Workshop Series – Structural Equation Modeling in R
3/10: R Workshop Series – Network Analysis in R
3/17: R Workshop Series – R Parallel

April Sneak-Peek:
4/6: Does It Exist? Finding Existing Datasets
4/7: Toward reproducible, reliable and resilient research: software containerization with Docker
4/14: Toward sharing and simplifying shifty software: containerization with Singularity/Apptainer

Upcoming Events from our friends:
Ongoing: Microsoft Azure Resources for US Education Institutions
Wednesdays, 11a-12p: BuffsCreate drop-in support:
3/17: Intro to HathiTrust and HTRC with HathiTrust Research Center specialists

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