The Student SDG Summit on November 7th & 8th is looking for a speaker to talk about climate change in a 45 minute interview style session followed by students’ questions. The speaker would be paid $150.

This summit brings together a diverse group of students to take part in designing, testing, and iterating solutions to some of the worlds most intractable problems. While learning about the various global issues that gave rise to the SDGs, we’ll learn about ourselves—and about how each of us can harness our leadership to make sustainable change in our communities. More information can be found on their page.

There will be 150 students attending from around the world, collaborating on action plans for the UN’s SDG Goals. Expert speakers will be joining to share their work and speaking to what students can do to act upon those topics, and how the pandemic has affected that work.

Additionally, they are also looking to expand their expert speaker database for virtual school programs. Speaking engagements are usually 60-90 minutes in duration and often include a Q&A session with students near the end. Payment for each session varies between $100-$150 per session commensurate with experience and qualifications.

If you are interested in speaking at their upcoming event apply at the follow this link. Since it is close to the time of the event also email Jeana Delamarter ( expressing your interest.

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