Only three weeks left of the program, and I’m finally feeling the crunch.  Last week was almost entirely lab work, and the slow pace of that work is beginning to concern me.  Setting up the equipment isn’t terribly difficult or time consuming, but each run can take up to 90 minutes and I’m doing three… Read More

Week six gave us lots of background to move progress along. In the first couple weeks of the internship I read a lot about thermal desorption techniques and at first it was confusing. It feels great when you research something about some sort of technique and then you go to carry it out and IT… Read More

This week I focused on working on my poster and PowerPoint presentation. I want to get these two projects done ahead of time, as I know I will have editing to do.  On Wednesday we had CrowdMag Day, it went great! For the people that participated, they got to see how I used CrowdMag to… Read More

I have realized recently that, before starting this research experience, I often looked for videos or blogs that told me about a day in the life of a research scientist. I always wondered what the work-life balance was, how predictable the day to day schedule is and what exactly research entails. Today, I will be… Read More

This past week has been about trying to put it all together all of the previous code that I’ve written coming into play, along with data from our site (as opposed to data from previous sites, which I had been using), and code from my mentors.  Well, when you try to put pieces together from… Read More

This week went by very fast! Full of fun with the other interns and interesting results upon completing tasks this week, I’d say this has been the best week yet. This week I have gotten much closer to receiving results. As such, I’ve started to put more effort into the poster board and have a… Read More

The start of week 6 was a good one! My suspicions regarding Friday’s results proved correct, but Katy and I worked out what the problems were in the process of getting total error values for each group of ground control points (GCPs). Tomorrow, I will redo everything from Friday… correctly this time 🙂 On the… Read More

Hey friends, I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the red, white and blue! The holiday made for a short and easy week, however, the research updates for week five aren’t as exciting as it has been. Besides trying to stay updated with the FIFA World Cup, I did still get some preparations finished.… Read More

Well this was the shortest week so far. Happy 4th of July folks. This week was spent processing more satellite data and well this process can be a timely process.  These downloads can take 30 min to 6 hours. Once downloaded, we then have to use Python scripts to go through and actually process the… Read More