This week was abnormally hands on. I had to build a second chemostat and that called for a good bit of plumbing. I cut quite a few pipes and swage locked countless things together. there are so many pipes surrounding the chemostats that it looks like a jungle. All for my wee-beasites to grow.

I guess that there is a lot of engineering involved in most science. Since we are testing the bounds of what we know we often need to build our own tools to test these questions. Alex with her fire box is a perfect example. Keely as well. I never knew how hands-on lab work could be.

There is a swallow nest under a bridge that I pass every day and the baby birds a so cute. However, they were all gone today. 🙁 they must have grown up to the point that they could fly. I’ll miss those little birds lining up along the edge of the nest to watch me walk by.

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