So, the panic can now start setting in! I cannot believe that we only have two weeks. This past week, I have been doing a lot of lab work in order to analyze the samples that we collected in the field. I have extracted the DNA of my water samples as well as the over… Read More

This week, we travelled to Wyoming and Montana to take samples at nine sites along the Powder River. We drove 1992 Suburban down and stayed in three different towns while we were there: Kaycee Wyoming, Buffalo Wyoming, and Broadus Montana. All of these places were very rural and it was hard to avoid any meat… Read More

This week, I continued to learn about the many processes that go into the research for my project. Since my project is interdisciplinary, there seems to be never-ending background knowledge needed to understand how we are analyzing our samples for this project. A victory did come in at the beginning of the week when I… Read More

This week, I got some more experience with analytical processes and methods in order to test for different characteristics of the river. I was able to write a protocol for particle size analysis and a vacuum filtration of sediment so that I would not forget my process when we come back from our trip to… Read More

Wow, it has been an incredible week! I came into the program not really knowing what to expect and a little nervous to start my project and meet my fellow cohorts. After this first week, I feel much more confident and I could not have asked for a better group of people to spend the… Read More