Ah! I’ve been neglectful, in terms of blogging. Since my last post, I’ve been out to the field twice. This last time we didn’t take my truck, which proved to be tricky when it came to storing soil samples (we had a few fallen soldiers). I have been VERY busy with focusing on the new… Read More

What a week of progress! My mentor has been out for the week, so I have essentially been left running the fire simulator and rainfall simulator. We took my own truck (cool) to get soil samples in the field. We were also lucky enough to be joined by Ben Livneh who offered some of his… Read More

Howdy! Over the course of this past week, we made quite a bit of progress on some main components of the research project. Firstly, we had our first field day last Monday by the Cache La Poudre Basin. In addition to that, we ran soil samples through the rainfall simulator (with success) and I worked… Read More

Howdy! What an exciting first week of our internships! Though we have only been here a week, I feel like I’ve already been packing in as much adventure as possible! Firstly, I miss the Boulder Bike Trail. It’s been a blast getting back on two wheels and riding the bike everywhere – including to Longmont… Read More