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Orbital-Use Fees Could More Than Quadruple the Value of the Space Industry

by Akhil Rao, Matthew G. Burgess, and Daniel KaffineProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1921260117, Published April 14 Coauthor, Matthew Burgess was also recently interviewed on CBS Denver News about the paper Abstract: The space industry’s rapid recent growth … Continue reading

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Ogmius #55 – The Final Issue is Now Out

Issue #55, Spring 2020 Dear CSTPR community, I hope you’re all doing as well as you can in this challenging and pressurized times. Our heart goes out to everyone, especially those directly impacted by the novel coronavirus. Undoubtedly, the global … Continue reading

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Victory is Won Through Many Advisers: Rad Byerly and the Radford Byerly, Jr. Award

by Alison Gilchrist, CSTPR Science Writer I interviewed Carol Byerly on the fourth anniversary of the death of Rad Byerly, her late husband, and the mood was solemn. But as we were sitting down to talk about Rad’s contribution to … Continue reading

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Why Climate Communicators Are Turning Talking Points into Punchlines

Apple PodcastThe Weather Channel Join Kait Parker as she interviews Beth Osnes and Maxwell Boykoff about their research on humor and climate change. Listen on Apple Podcasts

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The Environment After the Pandemic

by Fernando Briones, CSTPR Faculty AffiliateNexos, Spanish version The new coronavirus pandemic has prioritized health and economic crises, despite the fact that we should already be thinking about our long-term survival, not only as a country but as a species. The … Continue reading

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MeCCO Monthly Summary: This Historic Decline in Emissions is Happening For All the Wrong Reasons

Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO)April 2020 Summary April 2020 has marked an inflection point in our time on planet Earth. Amid these moments of history-making, media attention to climate change and global warming at the global level has continued to … Continue reading

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Tomorrow: Sharing Stories of the COVID-19 Experience…From Quarantine

by Daniel Zietlow1,2,3 and Ryan Vachon1,2,4 1CSTPR Research Affiliate2Provare Media3National Center for Atmospheric Research4Earth Initiatives Photo above: Filming: social distancing style! I was in a car traveling south on I-25 when I got a message from my director. We had … Continue reading

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#MakingOurCASE: Science Has a Place in Policy

by Spencer Zeigler, CSTPR Science Writer Each year, the CIRES Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, with support from the CU Graduate School and the Center for STEM Learning, hosts a competition to send a small group of CU … Continue reading

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Recipes for Change

by Beth OsnesCSTPR Faculty Affiliate and Associate Professor of Theatre and Environmental Studies, University of Colorado One of my great pleasures that is part of my research and creative work on creative climate communication is working with a group of … Continue reading

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How Experiences of Climate Extremes Motivate Adaptation Among Water Managers

by Rebecca Page and Lisa Dilling Climatic Change, doi: 10.1007/s10584-020-02712-7 (2020) Abstract: As water systems are likely to experience mounting challenges managing for climate variability and extremes as well as a changing climate, there is increasing interest in what motivates systems … Continue reading

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