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An Interview with Dr. Cassandra Brooks

Nature, June 2019 Cassandra Brooks is an Assistant Professor in Environmental Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. She was recently selected as one of the science faculty on an upcoming #TeamHB4 #WomenInSTEMM leadership initiative in Antarctica. Please tell us about your research … Continue reading

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Science Struggling Against Fake News and Fact Deniers

University World News Flat Earth theories. Anti-vaccination conspiracies. Climate change denials. Such deeply held beliefs are impeding the job of unveiling and spreading verifiable truths, according to speakers at the international Worldviews on Media and Higher Education Conference in Toronto, … Continue reading

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Business Leaders Would be Wise to Better Support Youth Climate Protests

by Lucy McAllisterMeCCO Research Team Member, Visiting Assistant Professor and Lewis Institute Fellow at Babson College Photo: Protesters throw a ball depicting the Earth during the “Global Strike for Future” demonstration in Stockholm on May 24, a global day of … Continue reading

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Environmental Journalists Know the Value of a Climate Debate

Democratic presidential candidate and Governor of Washington Jay Inslee speaks about climate change at the Council on Foreign Relations on June 5 in New York City. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images. Colombia Journalism Reviewby Jason Plautz CLIMATE CHANGE HAS BECOME A … Continue reading

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Good-Natured Comedy to Enrich Climate Communication

by Beth Osnes, Max Boykoff, and Patrick ChandlerComedy Studies (2019) Abstract: This report explores the use of good-natured comedy to diversify the modes of comedy that can be used in climate communication beyond satire to others modes that are possibly … Continue reading

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MeCCO Monthly Summary: Life as We Know It

Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO)May 2019 Summary May media attention to climate change and global warming was up 27% throughout the world from the previous month of April 2019. Across international wire services – Associated Press, Agence France Presse, The Canadian Press and United Press … Continue reading

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War all the time? Climate reporters weigh coverage quantity against quality

Columbia Journalism Reviewby Abby Rabinowitz I’VE LATELY BEEN LOSING MYSELF in The New York Times archives, scrolling through front-page coverage of World War II. Days with no landmark battles, such as January 23, 1943—when, as the paper reported top-right, Allies made progress in Kharkov … Continue reading

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New International Research Project to Explore Climate Change Communication Through Social Media

CSTPR Director, Max Boykoff, is collaborating on a new project funded from the Spanish Ministry of Science. The project “Communicating climate change through social media: Strategies, emotions and images” (CLIMAenREDES) will be conducted, from June 2019 to December 2021, by … Continue reading

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Do Experiences with Extreme Weather Change Beliefs about Climate Change? Perhaps, if Your Neighbors are Harmed

Photo above: Residents embrace near a washed-out home in Jamestown, Colo. on Sept. 14, 2013. Flooding hit the mountain community hard, and residents were trapped for days with no road into or out of town. Photo: Helen H. Richardson, The … Continue reading

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Former Fulbright Scholar, Anna Kukkonen, Earns her PhD

In 2018, Anna Kukkonen (second from the left in the picture above) was part of CSTPR as a visiting Fulbright Scholar from the University of Helsinki, Finland. She recently defended her thesis entitled “Discourse Networks and Justifications of Climate Change … Continue reading

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