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Opportunities for Agent-Based Modelling in Human Dimensions of Fisheries

Fish and Fisheries, 2020 by M.G. Burgess, E. Carrella, M. Drexler, R.L. Axtell, R.M. Bailey, J.R. Watson, R.B. Cabral, M. Clemence, C. Costello, C. Dorsett, S.D. Gaines, E. S. Klein, P. Koralus, G. Leonard, S.A. Levin, L.R. Little, J. Lynham, … Continue reading

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What Unmanaged Fishing Patterns Reveal About Optimal Management

Applied to the Balanced Harvesting Debate by Matthew G. Burgess and Michael J. PlankICES Journal of Marine Science, doi: 10.1093/icesjms/fsaa012 Abstract: Balanced harvesting (BH)—the idea of harvesting all species and sizes in proportion to their production rate—has been a topic … Continue reading

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You Can’t Value What You Can’t Measure: A Critical Look at Forest Carbon Accounting

by Lauren Gifford, CSTPR Research AffiliateClimatic Change, 2020 Abstract: This article takes on the political and contested nature of forest carbon accounting via three “points of engagement” that articulate forest carbon initiatives as representations of tradable carbon. The three points … Continue reading

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Simple Adaptive Rules Describe Fishing Behaviour Better than Perfect Rationality in the US West Coast Groundfish Fishery

by Ernesto Carrella, E., S. Saul, K. Marshall, M.G. Burgess, R.B. Cabral, R.M. Bailey, C. Dorsett, M. Drexler, J. Koed Madsen, and A. MerklEcological Economics, Volume 169 (2020) Introduction: We calibrate and validate the POSEIDON (Bailey et al., 2018) fisheries … Continue reading

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Digital Cultures and Climate Change: ‘Here and Now’

by Maxwell BoykoffJournal of Environmental Media (2020) Abstract: We are living through momentous times as we confront issues surrounding digital cultures and communications about climate change. There is urgency derived from our recognition that climate change is ‘here and now’. … Continue reading

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The Politics of ‘Usable’ Knowledge: Examining the Development of Climate Services in Tanzania

Climatic Change (2019)by Meaghan Daly and Lisa Dilling Abstract: The field of climate services has arisen rapidly out of a desire to enable climate science to meet the information needs of society to respond to climate variability and change. In … Continue reading

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Climate Change Already Damaging Health of World’s Children, Threatens Lifelong Impact

CSTPR’s Max Boykoff and Olivia Pearman were one of over 60 experts from around the world that contributed to the 2019 Lancet Report on Health and Climate Change. The authors say every child born today will be affected by climate … Continue reading

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Prevalence & Rationale for Presenting Opposing Viewpoint in Climate Change Reporting

Findings from a United States national survey of TV weathercasters by K.M. Timm, E.W. Maibach, M. Boykoff, T.A. Myers, and M.A. Broeckelman-Post, Weather, Climate, and Society (2019) doi: 10.1175/WCAS-D-19-0063.1 Abstract: The journalistic norm of balance bas been described as the … Continue reading

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Photo Essay: The Endless Hurricane

Documenting Life in the Shelters, After Maria Hit Dominica by Fernando Briones, CSTPR Research AffiliateDisaster Prevention and Management, Vol. 28 No. 5, 2019 Why a photo essay? Photography has always been an important tool for social scientists. Today, the pictures’s … Continue reading

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Leave ‘em Laughing Instead of Crying

Climate humor can break down barriers and find common ground by Max BoykoffThe Conversation Climate change is not inherently funny. Typically, the messengers are serious scientists describing how rising greenhouse gas emissions are harming the planet on land and at sea, or assessing what … Continue reading

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