As the last week arrives, I am sure the rest of the team feels a flurry of emotions and thoughts as I do. Some are still scrambling to do last minute preparations with the equipment as there will be no second chances for shipments. The rush of excitement, the curiosity of meeting new team members that… Read More

Our Arctic Circle Traverse 2016 (“ACT16”) campaign is getting underway next month, and one look at the expedition map and it seems like we’ve outgrown our name! The ACT expedition series began in 2004, as snowmobile traverses roughly aligned with the Arctic Circle (66 °N) in support of the NASA Program for Arctic Regional Climate… Read More

Leading a scientific expedition is more about box cutters and budgets than inspiration.  Another package arrived in the mail today, 12 rolls of Gorilla duct tape and 500 heavy-duty zip ties.  The freight guys just dropped a 300-lb crate of batteries right outside my office door.  Anyone know where the pallet jack went?  (Seriously, I could use… Read More

The first GEUS (Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland) published article: “Observed melt-season snowpack evolution on the Greenland ice sheet“ regarding the 2012 extreme melt season, is now available online! In this small study, scientists are analyzing and interpreting “Snow Processes in the Lower Accumulation Zone” during the 2012 field campaign in Greenland.  Authors are Charalampos (Babis) Charalampidis and Dirk… Read More

After a week of storm days, work, and flight delays, we had a free day that we spent exploring Dye-2. It was fascinating for all to see back into time. The latest date I found was June 1988.… Read More