The last few days have been a flurry of activity as we prepare for the upcoming traverse. Many meetings – mainly revolving around safety, safety protocols, emergency evacuation scenarios, evacuation protocols, emergency communication,…you get the idea.

We have finished packing our equipment. It will fill up two pallets plus we have five snowmobiles between the two teams. (Traverse and Dye-2)








We had a bit of a break this afternoon. Most of the team headed out to the edge of the ice sheet, roughly forty five minutes out of town.

We ran into a Ski Traverse team as they were preparing to go out onto the ice sheet. We watched them as they went off into the distance. Perhaps, we will see them in a few days…


If all goes according to plan and weather cooperates, we will leave for the ice sheet tomorrow morning after breakfast. We will bring our personal belongings to the warehouse for storage and don our Arctic boots, Insulation layers, and parkas for the flight out onto the ice. Then, the Traverse team will setup a makeshift camp before heading out on our first leg the following morning.

You can track our progress here –


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