The last few days have been a flurry of activity as we prepare for the upcoming traverse. Many meetings – mainly revolving around safety, safety protocols, emergency evacuation scenarios, evacuation protocols, emergency communication,…you get the idea. We have finished packing our equipment. It will fill up two pallets plus we have five snowmobiles between the… Read More

As the last week arrives, I am sure the rest of the team feels a flurry of emotions and thoughts as I do. Some are still scrambling to do last minute preparations with the equipment as there will be no second chances for shipments. The rush of excitement, the curiosity of meeting new team members that… Read More

After a week of storm days, work, and flight delays, we had a free day that we spent exploring Dye-2. It was fascinating for all to see back into time. The latest date I found was June 1988.… Read More

After loading gear for the researchers heading to Kangerlussuaq, we headed out in a C-130, a long eight hour flight with a quick stop for gas in Newfoundland. The accommodations on the plane are not pleasant. Everyone wore earplugs and/or headphones as the roar of the plane is deafening. After many hours of fyling, we… Read More

Got my final dental checkup and I went over medications and recommendations and got a clean bill of health from my doctor today. When out on the ice, there is no doctor to prescribe us anything so all prescriptions are given ahead of time for anything serious we may encounter. ‘What if’ scenarios become much… Read More

Mike and the team are working hard to get our equipment built and shipped out to Greenland. The majority of our equipment is shipped out over a month in advance and will be waiting for us in Kangerlussuaq to be checked and packed before we are dropped off on the ice. Many hours of preparation, training,… Read More