This last week I managed to get my first results and I am at the stage where I can now start to do research into everything else. Getting these results were very tricky though, as the first set I got were wrong as one of them was very vague and not accurate. Adding a few… Read More

This week went by very fast! Full of fun with the other interns and interesting results upon completing tasks this week, I’d say this has been the best week yet. This week I have gotten much closer to receiving results. As such, I’ve started to put more effort into the poster board and have a… Read More

This week I worked on creating a Hub for all of my files. I coded the hub file to gather data through other files with the dates specified in the hub. The resulting file took at least 5 minutes to run the first week of all data sets. So, due to having some errors here… Read More

This week  I did a lot more coding. More than I ever did in high school even. Matlab is proving to be quite difficult the more I have to program it, but that was expected. However, I did get to learn a bit more about my project, though I still have a long ways to… Read More

Coding. My first week has been lots and lots of coding. Its been a very fun experience so far, especially since coding has been a skill I have wanted to pick up for years. However, this week I also learned a lot as to why I am coding. Between meeting my mentors and getting a… Read More