This week I worked on creating a Hub for all of my files. I coded the hub file to gather data through other files with the dates specified in the hub. The resulting file took at least 5 minutes to run the first week of all data sets. So, due to having some errors here in there, it took a LONG time to finish it (which I still have a bug or two to finish to make it work better)

Luckily, my mentor helped me create a few ways to run it faster the second run and on. It stores the data and then my hub will specify to load the data in instead of running loop after loop after loop.

It did create some cool looking maps (ones that confused both my mentor and I) and its all fun to play around with.

The scary part is that the data I am using currently is only a month’s worth of data. Continuing on to pull data from multiple months makes it run REALLY SLOWLY. So my next set of tasks will probably involve finding a way to make it more proficient.

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