As the title currently states, this week I have felt much more like a programmer than before. This week I was able to create a couple of scripts that lets me pull information from the forecast files and from the observations files. Currently, I am working on getting a master script ready that will use those files to get information, hand that info to other scripts that my mentor gave me, and then plot the resulting data, that gets returned, into a contour map. How did my contour map turn out, you ask? Well…

Not good. It is looking kinda… strange. But I did manage to get the map to show up in the first place this time, so there is improvement. Debugging has become my life and this is just another problem that will be solved. When I solved the programming problem last week, it felt quite amazing, so here is to the next challenge.

One more lucky thing this week is that I was able to get much more information on where my project is heading. Now I’m starting to feel more confident as well.

Sorry Renee, no more flopping bunnies this week, but there was a deer. Not a flopping deer. Just a deer.

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