Coding. My first week has been lots and lots of coding. Its been a very fun experience so far, especially since coding has been a skill I have wanted to pick up for years. However, this week I also learned a lot as to why I am coding. Between meeting my mentors and getting a parking pass for NOAA, its been a crazy first week.

I learned a significant amount of information about my research project this week. I am learning about chaos theory and to how to type a comment in Matlab coding (which, you do by putting the % sign in front of what you want to be a comment). The most exciting part yet is being able to plot graphs of mean sea level pressures, although I am unsure of where on the Earth that data came from. It creates these really colorful contour maps that I have no idea how to really read yet. Then, using all the skills I have so far developed and the ones I will develop soon, my research will focus on improving weather prediction of sub-seasonal to seasonal dates (2 weeks to 3 months). Needless to say, I’m pretty excited.

Another exciting thing I got to do was to sign up for multiple libraries. NOAA allows me to access tons of books on their online library, which makes it easier to read books like Matlab for Dummies.

Having completed Week 2, I am left looking forward to Week 3 and the following weeks. Here is to a great summer!

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