I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and its bitter sweet. Being that is week 8 out of 9, I am excited to go home. I also know I’m going to miss all the friends I met and places I discovered here in Boulder. As far as research goes, I was… Read More

Seven weeks down and two more to go. During this week of research, I was able to get a controlled test underway! By controlled test, I mean I was able to apply a specific concentration to one of my samplers. Unfortunately, I was unable to read the sampler for 24hrs due to system failure in… Read More

Week six gave us lots of background to move progress along. In the first couple weeks of the internship I read a lot about thermal desorption techniques and at first it was confusing. It feels great when you research something about some sort of technique and then you go to carry it out and IT… Read More

Hey friends, I hope everyone had a great time celebrating the red, white and blue! The holiday made for a short and easy week, however, the research updates for week five aren’t as exciting as it has been. Besides trying to stay updated with the FIFA World Cup, I did still get some preparations finished.… Read More

Alright! Week 4 was a banger! For starters, I got my first data sheet on Excel. At first, I didn’t know what to do with a 900 by 300 worksheet! After a few YouTube videos and some nudges from my mentor, I was able to organize the data into something usable. So that’s good. However,… Read More

It was a bright sunny morning when suddenly the fire alarm went off during the middle of my shower! My first thought: Are you serious?! I haven’t even put shampoo in yet! After all the Bear Creek residents scrambled out of the building, a firetruck showed up and firemen investigated the building to find no… Read More

Week two as a RECCS student researcher involved stepping into a new realm of possibilities. The possibility of calling myself a scientist! The qualifications to be a scientist may be simpler than I have perceived, however, working on this scientific project has become very interesting. With highs and lows, just like many things in life,… Read More

My first week as a RECCS student was a great ice-breaker for the rest of the summer. The beginning of the week included professional introductions and orientation. With the help of the generous, hospitable, and knowledgeable staff, there is a strong foundation for growth. I had the opportunity to meet with a fellow researcher, Mitch,… Read More