Alright! Week 4 was a banger! For starters, I got my first data sheet on Excel. At first, I didn’t know what to do with a 900 by 300 worksheet! After a few YouTube videos and some nudges from my mentor, I was able to organize the data into something usable. So that’s good. However, during the data collection for the 270,000 excel cells, 250,000$ almost went down the drain. I say almost because we were very lucky to have no issues after one of my samplers nearly dislodged its entire innards into a very sensitive Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer! Nonetheless, some preliminary testing will be done to every sampler made to insure functionality of our very expensive equipment. After brainstorming a couple of ways to prevent catastrophe, a meeting with my big mentor, Ellie Browne – Smartest Women in the World, helped clarify some troubleshooting ideas and helped boost my overall research confidence. Besides that, each day is getting more and more goal oriented and I am now able, to an extent, prepare for what each step in this project brings.

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