My first week as a RECCS student was a great ice-breaker for the rest of the summer. The beginning of the week included professional introductions and orientation. With the help of the generous, hospitable, and knowledgeable staff, there is a strong foundation for growth. I had the opportunity to meet with a fellow researcher, Mitch, from Ellie Browne’s lab that I will be working with. Mitch works as a graduate student in the Browne lab. Even though he is not my mentor, I was able to see the lab and possible equipment I might work with. As far as I know, I will be researching and optimizing a usable technique to measure organic nitrogen in Rocky Mountain National Park. The week ended with many hikes around the Mountain Research Station located near Boulder, CO. Several field trips acquainted us to current environmental study and science methodologies. After the completion of last week, I now feel confident and ready to start my research.

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