Week two as a RECCS student researcher involved stepping into a new realm of possibilities. The possibility of calling myself a scientist! The qualifications to be a scientist may be simpler than I have perceived, however, working on this scientific project has become very interesting. With highs and lows, just like many things in life, I am already learning so much. Whether I am spending hours reading scientific journals, learning safety procedures, or creating systems in the lab, I am learning new things and learning how to apply previous knowledge and turn it into experience. Days 1 and 2 of Week 2 were filled with safety trainings and plenty of reading. Day 3, I designed and constructed my first sampler. Days 4 and 5 included multiple trips to and from the lab and the office, trying to design a controlled experimental version of data collection. To sum it up, this week has already been filled with plenty of independent study and critical thinking. Let’s go!


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