I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and its bitter sweet. Being that is week 8 out of 9, I am excited to go home. I also know I’m going to miss all the friends I met and places I discovered here in Boulder. As far as research goes, I was able to get a thermal desorption done for the two samplers that sat outside over the weekend. The only down side to sampling outside; when it rains, the rain washes out the nitrogen in the air. On top of a little bit rain over the weekend, one of the four mass flow controllers broke down and of course it’s the one I need! Despite these confounding factors, I was still able to get the graphs I needed from the weekend sampling. I believe that this data will sum up the time I will be in the lab. From here on out, I must focus on creating a poster and a PowerPoint presentation to display my research in its progress-to-date.

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