Inside the Greenhouse Newsletter, Issue 15

Issue 15 | December 2019
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To date, challenges associated with climate change have continued to impact all aspects of life. As 2019 comes to a close, we acknowledge that the collective scale of our creative efforts to confront the causes and consequences of a changing climate has not been commensurate with the scale of these intersectional climate challenges.

However, in partnerships and spirited collaboration with others around the world such as frontline communities, youth and decision-makers at many scales, we at Inside the Greenhouse (ITG) have continued to build momentum and hope as we work to catalyze positive changes that help close this climate action gap.

Clearly we do not and cannot do this alone. We continue to nurture research and practitioner alliances so we can more fully address these essential collective action challenges.

As the decade comes to a close, we share with you some of our ongoing research outputs, activities, aspirations and ambitions. In so doing, we also ask for your support so we can increase our impact in 2020 and beyond. Please enjoy the newsletter and consider donating to ITG. 

Please visit the Inside the Greenhouse Gift Fund to provide a tax-deductible gift. We are grateful for contributions in any amount. Any amount helps us as we continue to work to communicate about the critical importance of climate awareness, engagement and action in the 21st century. Read more …

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