September 30, 2014, by Dan Wolfe The end of a research cruise is very interesting and what goes on depends on the type of cruise, its location, and the scientific groups involved. This is an overview as it has unfolded on the Oden. Rumors always begin near the end of a cruise as to when… Read More

20 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Yesterday we has some scientists from the German icebreaker, Polarstern, fly over in their helicopter to the Oden. I told you there was more going on up here than one would imagine. I heard about the visit over breakfast from one of our scientists who is from Germany, has… Read More

8 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Probably the most often-asked question I hear is “How is the food?” Before I left, several folks were joking that I’d be sick of Swedish meatballs before I got back. I can tell you right now 100 percent that won’t be the case. In fact we’ve only had them… Read More

3 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe:  You would think traveling way north you wouldn’t run into anyone. Well, you’re wrong. Just this afternoon we were within sight of two other Russian ships. Who else in the world has icebreakers and why? As you can imagine, the countries that boarder the Arctic or with coastal waters… Read More

2 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Before we get to the science, I’d like to tell you about my experience today. There have been several polar bear sitings on our leg, but unfortunately they were either too far away, or I failed to get word so I could go out on deck. This afternoon as… Read More

29 August 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Meet the Boundary-Layer Meteorological Team for Leg 2 of the Arctic Cloud in Summer Experiment-2014 cruise. In the very front we have Ola Persson. From left to right behind Ola we have Barbara Brooks, Dan Wolfe, Georgia Sotiropoulou, and John Pyrthrech. Ola Persson: “Private Swedish Food and Culture Guide”… Read More

27 August 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Here is a quick overview of the Oden. As you can see from this scale model, and if you Googled the Oden online, it is a very unique looking ship. I have been on a number of icebreakers during my career, and I’d have to say this is the… Read More

23 August 2014, by Dan Wolfe. I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself. I’m a research meteorologist with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, now working through CIRES after retiring from NOAA in 2011. I first became interested in the Arctic while serving in the US Coast Guard as a marine science… Read More

As goodbyes were being said on the Oden to Paul and Matt, arriving on the scene to take their place for Leg 2 of the expedition were Ola Persson and Dan Wolfe. The journey continues…heading from Alaska back to Norway with an expected arrival of October 4th. 19 August 2014, by Dan Wolfe: We arrived in Barrow, AK yesterday,… Read More