September 30, 2014, by Dan Wolfe The end of a research cruise is very interesting and what goes on depends on the type of cruise, its location, and the scientific groups involved. This is an overview as it has unfolded on the Oden. Rumors always begin near the end of a cruise as to when… Read More

8 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe: Probably the most often-asked question I hear is “How is the food?” Before I left, several folks were joking that I’d be sick of Swedish meatballs before I got back. I can tell you right now 100 percent that won’t be the case. In fact we’ve only had them… Read More

3 September 2014, by Dan Wolfe:  You would think traveling way north you wouldn’t run into anyone. Well, you’re wrong. Just this afternoon we were within sight of two other Russian ships. Who else in the world has icebreakers and why? As you can imagine, the countries that boarder the Arctic or with coastal waters… Read More

23 August 2014, by Dan Wolfe. I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself. I’m a research meteorologist with NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory, now working through CIRES after retiring from NOAA in 2011. I first became interested in the Arctic while serving in the US Coast Guard as a marine science… Read More

18 Aug 2014,  by Matt Shupe [71N, 156W]: We’ve just arrived off the shores of Barrow. Home is on the horizon. It has been a long time coming and a lot of work to get to this point. Most of me is so glad, relieved even, to get here. To get back home and squeeze… Read More

17 Aug 2014, by Matthew Shupe [74N, 171W]: Tonight was the End of Cruise Dinner,  special occasion where there is a nice meal, table clothes, wine. Everyone dressed their best. The evening was kicked off with fantastic pre-dinner entertainment by Marcus, Celia, and Kseniia. Marcus on the clarinet, and the ladies singing a duet. First… Read More

14 Aug 2014, by Matt Shupe [74N, 170W]: It happens many times a day. We all gather in the port-side mess hall for meal time. Bo, Ranjit, Lise, and Lena prepare the food and make sure everything happens in the kitchen. They work wonders considering that we haven’t had access to re-supply in nearly 6… Read More

6 Aug 2014, Matt Shupe [74N, 171E] The sun simply circles the sky at this time of year in the high Arctic. It is light all day, which can be challenging to the sleep pattern and daily routine. But, the sun does rise and fall in the sky, and, as we progress towards autumn, eventually… Read More

5 Aug 2014, Matthew Shupe [73N, 169E] We are passing through a region where the ice is very dirty, sometimes with actual dirt, and sometimes with biology. I don’t know the details for sure, but I think a lot of the ice in this region has previously been shore fast ice, meaning that it was… Read More