In addition to the safety induction we had before leaving Napier, we are all required to try on an immersion suit. These suits, also called Gumby suits, are designed to prevent hypothermia in the event that a person ends up in the water. Since they are difficult to put on, all members of the science party are required to try them on during the voyage. Once in these suits, it’s difficult to do much with your hands.

safety gear

Tom demonstrating his safety gear

Putting on the Gumby suits

Putting on the suits

Putting on the suits

Your non-dominant arm has to go in first so you can get the rest of the suit on

Putting on the suit

To zip the suit with one hand in the suit, you have to lean back as far as possible


The end result is a brightly colored, very warm Gumby!

After we had completed our safety training (putting on the immersion suits for practice), Free Bird happened to be playing in the background. How could we resist??

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