Greetings from the final stages of the HOBITSS cruise. My name is Laura Wallace, and I am a Research Scientist from the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics. I have been studying slow slip event processes on the Hikurangi subduction zone for over a decade, mostly using land-based measurements with Global Positioning System (GPS) data… Read More

We had to temporarily suspend our instrument recovery operations for a day while waiting for a storm to pass. This video shows the waves we rode the past few days. The first view is from 23 June with 4-5 meter swells, the second view is from 24 June when the wind started to pick up, and the last view is from yesterday when the… Read More

In addition to the safety induction we had before leaving Napier, we are all required to try on an immersion suit. These suits, also called Gumby suits, are designed to prevent hypothermia in the event that a person ends up in the water. Since they are difficult to put on, all members of the science… Read More

Hi my name is Tom Wilson, I am a postgraduate geophysics student at Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). Early this year I received an email recruiting a kiwi postgraduate geophysics student to help out with the HOBITSS project. I instantly replied expressing my interest, and to my delight I was accepted. I was stoked, its… Read More

The video linked below shows the recovery process for an ocean bottom seismometer and absolute pressure gauge from the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University in New York. Click here. Once the instrument is recovered, it needs to be washed and disassembled in order to retrieve the data.… Read More