UPDATE We had an eventful day at the Fire Lab on Friday. The first burn had to be canceled due to a problem with the elevator, which is now fixed. The remaining burns revisited Ponderosa Pine (full, litter, canopy) and a burn of Douglas Fir. We had science presentations from Kanako Sekimoto (H3O+ ToF peak… Read More

Dear FIREXers: Today we had three successful burns of chaparral, one Loblolly Pine (southeast fuel) and one duff. Today’s science presentations were about the chamber from Abril, Ben, Ed and Rob. Thanks for the great discussion! TENTATIVE Plan for the upcoming days: 10/14 – 9 AM start for 5 burns: Ponderosa Pine realistic (big burn), litter, canopy and Engleman… Read More

Tuesday, October 11 Dear FIREXers; Today we had six burns, with a wide variety of flaming and smoldering emissions–and we snuck in a short burn of one of the chaparral fuels we just received: Lodgepole Litter/ Douglas Fir and Litter/ Engelmann Spruce Canopy/ Chamise/ Sub-alpine Fir/ Engelmann Spruce Duff. We have had several instrumental challenges to date, but those have been or are being resolved.… Read More

Saturday, October 8 Dear FIREXers: Today we had five successful burns: Douglas Fir (3 times), duff, and pine log. One of the Douglas Fir burns was large enough to fill the chamber. It looks like we are running at pretty good speed with only few minor issues, and we are really starting to build up a… Read More

Today we had two burns, one of them large enough to give the chamber high enough concentration for a long aging experiment. Calibrations and minor instrument fixes are well underway this afternoon, which will ensure high data quality going forward.– The fire crew thinks it will take about 45 minutes between each burn to get… Read More

two scientists prepping for first burn

Today we had our first burn! Thanks everybody for the hard work, it is truly impressive how much we have accomplished in such a short amount of time. There is an incredible number of instruments in various places throughout the fire lab and many of the instruments/chambers worked pretty well for the first fire and… Read More

researchers gathered around equipment

We have made good progress again today with many instruments and inlets in place and equipment being turned on. We are still on schedule for the first test burn on Tuesday afternoon. We will have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at 3PM in the second floor conference room to discuss typical burns, fuels and other issues for… Read More