Dear FIREXers,

Yesterday we had a successful day of room burns, and we passed the 100 fire mark!

fire-99 wind-tunnel-2__jgilman_fm


The schedule for the remaining burns is;

11/10 – 0900 Engelmann Duff; 1330 Dung, we will try a dilution experiment at the end of this burn

11/11 – 0900  Subalpine Duff; 1330 Rotten Log; 1700 Last Meeting – Please be prepared to show one slide with your top, most favorite result*

11/12 – 0900 Chaparral; 1330 TBD – Any Requests?

11/13&14 – Packing

11/15 – AM Loading the truck

*Please send me your one slide before the meeting, it will go faster that way.


Jim, Bob, Carsten, and Joost

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