Dear FIREXers;

The transition from stack burns to room burns is almost finished! All the instruments are in its new (or old) location and most are up and running. Thanks to everybody for making this move work so smooth and for helping your colleagues so graciously. This means we are ready for our first room burn tomorrow. We will give us more time tomorrow in the morning to get ready and we will start at 10AM.


This morning Rick Tisinai sent the information for the mid-term science meeting webinar. If you want to follow the meeting remotely, please use that link (copied below again). The meeting schedule is attached. We will have a full day of presentations and lab tour.


TENTATIVE plan for the upcoming days:

10/25 10 AM test fire076:  manzanita (6kg); 1:30 PM fire077: chamise  (3kg)
10/26 2-3 room burns; fuels TBD
10/27 2-3 room burns; fuels TBD

10/28 mid-term science meeting

Jim, Carsten, Bob

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