Saturday, October 8

Dear FIREXers:

Today we had five successful burns: Douglas Fir (3 times), duff, and pine log. One of the Douglas Fir burns was large enough to fill the chamber.


Chamber stack. Photographer: K. Zarzana

It looks like we are running at pretty good speed with only few minor issues, and we are really starting to build up a great data set of emissions and aging components characterization.

We’ll take another day for instrument maintenance and calibrations on Sunday, before we try to do burns several days in a row, with at least 5 burns each day. So tomorrow will be a good day to get the last few issues straightened out and maybe take a breather after several long days. The coming week will be packed with lots of fire experiments!

TENTATIVE Plan for the upcoming days:
10/09 – calibration/instrument maintenance/data analysis/down day/fuels gathering for fire crew
10/10 – 5 burns: FASMEE fuels Fishlake 2x, litter, canopy, pine needles/ 3 short science presentations: Vanessa, Abby, Chris
10/11 – 5 burns: chaparral
10/12 – 5 burns: TBD

Jim, Carsten, Bob

Monday, October 10

Dear FIREXers:

Today we had six successful burns: FASMEE fuels, litter and several canopy. Six burns seems to be pushing it, but we made it work today.

We had three excellent science presentations today and we will post those on the FIREX website soon: thanks Vanessa, Abby, Chris and Chris. The next presentations will probably be on Thursday.

TENTATIVE Plan for the upcoming days:

10/11 – 5 burns: various litter and duff
10/12 – 5 burns: chaparral
10/13 – 5 burns: ponderosa pine, lodgepole pine/ short science presentation

Jim, Carsten, Bob

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