Dear FIREXers, Yesterday we had a successful day of room burns, and we passed the 100 fire mark!   The schedule for the remaining burns is; 11/10 – 0900 Engelmann Duff; 1330 Dung, we will try a dilution experiment at the end of this burn 11/11 – 0900  Subalpine Duff; 1330 Rotten Log; 1700 Last Meeting – Please be prepared to show… Read More

Dear FIREXers;Two more successful room burns today! Everything seems to progress pretty well. TENTATIVE plan for the upcoming days: 10/27 – 9AM Douglas Fir realistic; 1:30 PM Subalpine Fir realistic 10/28 – mid-term science meeting 10/29 – 9AM Excelsior; 1:30 PM Engelmann Spruce Duff 10/30 – calibration day, no burns Thanks, Jim, Carsten, Bob… Read More

Dear FIREXers;The transition from stack burns to room burns is almost finished! All the instruments are in its new (or old) location and most are up and running. Thanks to everybody for making this move work so smooth and for helping your colleagues so graciously. This means we are ready for our first room burn… Read More

Dear FIREXers; We had 5 good burns with Lodgepole as the big burn. The lodgepole was pretty wet and produced a lot of smoke and glowing branches, so this was pretty unusual for us. We also repeated the Excelsior and had new fuels beargrass and Jeffrey pine bark. Two more days of Stack burns until… Read More

Dear FIREXers; Today the large fire was Engelmann Spruce, which we had to repeat in the afternoon for a second try at filling the chamber properly. It seemed to work on the second go-round. Tomorrow we will have Douglas Fir as the big burn, rice straw, ponderosa, lodgepole and duff for the smaller burns. We are… Read More

Dear FIREXers; We made it to Fire050 today and we marked the special occasion with some very interesting burns today! The big fire was the FASMEE fuel Subalpine Fir from Fish Lake. In the afternoon we had a burn of excelsior, which is a very high cellulose fuel with very low nitrogen content, and then… Read More

We had another successful day of burns, involving another round through the western fuels, Ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir (it’s not really a Fir we have been told), and Engelmann Spruce (which is actually a spruce). We tried a short burn for calibration purposes, but will have to take a Mulligan on that since key instruments didn’t… Read More