We had an eventful day at the Fire Lab on Friday. The first burn had to
be canceled due to a problem with the elevator, which is now fixed. The
remaining burns revisited Ponderosa Pine (full, litter, canopy) and a
burn of Douglas Fir.

We had science presentations from Kanako Sekimoto (H3O+ ToF peak
identification), Bob Yokelson (MCE and how to use it). You can find
copies of the slides for those and previous presentation at

The schedule for the next few days:
10/15 Calibration and instrument tune-up day.

10/16 9 AM start for five burns + a short burn of cellulose for CO2

We have received a number of new samples: more FASMEE fuels, Indonesian
peat, and fuel samples that mimic structure/building materials. We will
be working those fuels into the rotation as we finish the last week of
stack burns.


It is now time to start planning for the mid-term Science Meeting.
Between the talks and touring the facility, we expect an all-day affair.
We need to get an estimate of the number of people we should expect, so
if you have not already done so, please drop us a note and let us know
if you are coming. We will be working with the various groups to
establish an agenda, and will post that as it gets firmed up.

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