Tuesday, October 11

Dear FIREXers;

Today we had six burns, with a wide variety of flaming and smoldering emissions–and we snuck in a short burn of one of the chaparral fuels we just received: Lodgepole Litter/ Douglas Fir and Litter/ Engelmann Spruce Canopy/ Chamise/ Sub-alpine Fir/ Engelmann Spruce Duff.


Photographer: A. Galang

We have had several instrumental challenges to date, but those have been or are being resolved. We plan on a full day of chaparral fuels tomorrow and will have a few science presentations at the end-of-day meetings tomorrow and Thursday.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work,

Jim, Carsten, and Bob


Wednesday, October 12

Dear FIREXers:

Today we had four successful burns of chaparral and one of a Douglas Fir rotten log.

Today’s science presentations were by Jim about the new Ny system, Bin Yuan about first results with the I-CIMS and Paola Massoli about the nitrate-CIMS. Thanks for the great discussion!

From now on we will plan on burns at 9AM, big burn 10:35AM, 1PM, 2:30PM and 4PM with an occasional added burn in the afternoon.

TENTATIVE Plan for the upcoming days:

10/13 – 9 AM start for 5 burns; 5PM science presentation about the chamber measurements
10/14 – 5 burns: chaparral; 5PM science presentation about compound identification on Tof mass specs
10/15 or 10/16 – calibration/instrument day

Jim, Carsten, Bob

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