Howdy! Over the course of this past week, we made quite a bit of progress on some main components of the research project. Firstly, we had our first field day last Monday by the Cache La Poudre Basin. In addition to that, we ran soil samples through the rainfall simulator (with success) and I worked… Read More

This week, I got some more experience with analytical processes and methods in order to test for different characteristics of the river. I was able to write a protocol for particle size analysis and a vacuum filtration of sediment so that I would not forget my process when we come back from our trip to… Read More

This week I spent quite a lot of time getting my project set up and ready. I did have a day where I had some extra time and so my mentor recommended I shadow some one in the lab and see what other projects were underway. I only managed to get to one person because… Read More

After Skyping several times and countless emails, yesterday (Saturday) was the first time I met my Ph.D. student mentor, Kelly, in person! We spent most of the day on the road to RMBL. Once in Crested Butte, we decided to do some reconnaissance on a river crossing that we will have to make this week.… Read More

i spent the first few days of this week deep in the massive temperature dataset i’m working with, establishing a standardized way of comparing the variance or fluctuations at each site. Ashley and i went up to Niwot Ridge on Thursday, which was really incredible. There’s still a ton of snow, and several of the… Read More

This week was challenging but not because of my work or research. Being sick made me feel isolated and disconnected. Working on my research and creating my elevator speech was very slow going due to my lack of energy and focus. I was bummed to have missed our weekly meeting on Wednesday. I’m happy to… Read More

First off I just wanted to say what a great time I had getting to know all of the cohorts during the RECCS introductory week activities. What an awesome and diverse group of people! I actually started my first full week at NOAA not at NOAA. My mentor and I packed up the gas chromatograph… Read More

I kicked off the first week with my mentors (Katy and Greg) FULLY submerged in the world of geomorphology. Thanks to the RECCS program, I was able to join them at the International Conference on Debris Flow Hazards Mitigation which took place at the School of Mines campus in Golden, Colorado. For three full days,… Read More

Now that I’ve been able to meet my mentor I understand more about the scope of my project and about aerosols in general. Having no background in atmospheric chemistry there was quite a lot of background research I had to do to develop my elevator speech. I think I did a good job in the… Read More

My first week in the RECCS program was an amazing, informative, and overwhelming experience. Meeting my cohorts and mentors seemed a bit intimidating, however I was pleasantly surprised at how encouraging and supportive everybody was towards one another. The team building exercises helped put us at ease and provided opportunities to learn about each other… Read More