This week I streamlined my project a little bit (seems to be just continuous trimming) but less because of time and more because I have 40 + plates that need to be sequenced. I am happy though because, for the most part, I have completed 90% of my plating for the conditions I have them… Read More

This week I don’t feel like I accomplished a lot, so I don’t have much to talk about. I struggled with the programs I’m using; Igor and Hysplit, and made a bit of progress but didn’t feel like enough. Things ended on a high note though, on Friday I feel like I did make some… Read More

This week I have made quite a bit of media. Not social media. This kind that wee-beasties eat! This project requires a lot of food for the little buggas. I will be providing them a constant flow of media so that I can keep them in exponential phase. This means that they will be growing… Read More

This past week we checked on and collected nests from nest boxes in and around Boulder. Chickadee breeding season is coming to a close for the season here in Boulder. Boulder had approximately 30 cultivated nests used in the available nest boxes housed in trees and contained in North and Central Boulder areas. We also… Read More

This week, I continued to learn about the many processes that go into the research for my project. Since my project is interdisciplinary, there seems to be never-ending background knowledge needed to understand how we are analyzing our samples for this project. A victory did come in at the beginning of the week when I… Read More

Went out to the Cable Gate site on Monday and saw my first pika! Hot dog, those things can move! It was great to spend some time with Dr. Ray and her son, trying to absorb as much information as possible during the hike and survey. We headed off to sort and prep some field… Read More

For the past few weeks in the office, we had done a mock run on understanding, analyzing and interpolating data in data sheets and through graphs. We finally got to a point of going back out to take pics of said sites that have EMF fluxes. This past week I had been working on a… Read More

Things are ramping up in my project! Each week we are collecting more data and I am starting to compare different variables (snow density, depth, and snow water equivalent). We found a somewhat simple way to track my GPS coordinates with the GPR. Shout out to Claire for showing me an app to help! In… Read More

This week and the last, I have been learning and practicing the two programs that I will be interacting with throughout my project. The tutorials are a bit tedious, but being able to see my own progress in the matter of a day is HUGELY rewarding. Notable victory: Tuesday, June 18 was the day I… Read More

We deployed the mobile lab on Monday! I had a great time out in the field. It was really exciting to get the ball rolling on my project and see the well pad where we will be collecting data from. That’s the positive part, on the down side we are running into some issues with… Read More