W H A T A W E E K ! ! While learning some crucial skills through workshops and a thorough introduction to the CIRES curriculum, I found myself feeling more prepared and less nervous about my summer research. The overnight trip to the Mountain Research Station did a lot to build a strong foundation… Read More

Howdy! It’s been so nice to meet and hang out with you guys this week. Everything has been super fun and informative. I hope everyone has a fantastic start to their project! We had the first day with our mentors today and for me it was awesome and informative. I learned a lot more about… Read More

First of all, what an amazing group of people! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this amazing cohort! So, before I get to rambling, I just want to thank each and every one of you for everything you bring to the group and our collective experience. You have all made this a… Read More

Now, we all have had little time to become acclimated to the new work environments we are about to join. Many of us have read up on the subjects that we will be working on and are enthusiastic about the work we will be doing. There is one more thing that ought to be considered… Read More

Welcome to the 2019 RECCS program. We, at the CIRES Education and Outreach team as well as your science mentors are looking forward to working with you this summer as you navigate your own research project and learn important communication skills. Enjoy and make the best of the opportunity! Blogging is a great way for… Read More

We were able to finalize my code (on Friday), and finally able to see our “results.”  Just in time! Thankfully, there isn’t much need to really analyze and figure out what’s going on, that’s more of a “future work” type of study.  Otherwise, this week was all about preparing my poster and presentation for next… Read More

Well I think last week was the most frustrating week for me because I had the vibe people were getting annoyed with me asking for help. It seemed as if my mentor possibly had too much on her plate juggling everything, but I have to give her SO MUCH credit for being patient. IT was… Read More

With just one week left, there’s not much more to do beyond finishing up the slides for my talk this Friday and making revisions to my submitted poster draft! The past few days have also been consumed by writing my AGU abstract and revising it approximately 572 times. One would think, with as often as… Read More

Phew, this week has been a crunch for me. I have finally completed my rough draft of my poster and powerpoint presentation. I have met with Jenny and Rick on separate occasions and they have helped me narrow down the main points of my project. I feel confident with my poster and powerpoint but now… Read More

I can see the light at the end of this tunnel and its bitter sweet. Being that is week 8 out of 9, I am excited to go home. I also know I’m going to miss all the friends I met and places I discovered here in Boulder. As far as research goes, I was… Read More