With only two weeks left of the RECCS program it’s crunch time and all of the interns around Boulder are feeling the heat. Speaking of heat, my project has taken a significant turn and I have found temperature data and images that I had previously overlooked and is now the focal point of my research.… Read More

My remaining weeks will be spent pulling together data from a less sensitive global climate model and comparing it to the warm/wet model that my started with as well as juggling a poster project, setting up a presentation  and trying to find a place to live in Greeley to start at UNC! I feel like… Read More

Before engaging in this research experience, I had little understanding of the physics, chemistry, and overall ecology of fresh water and inland systems such as streams and lakes. I had no idea what limnology was or how it related to my personal life. I also had limited understanding of the standard field and lab methods… Read More

This week I successfully carried out my tasks. My physical fitness is improving, as I am required to hike 10 or more miles with heavy equipment and gear when conducting fieldwork. This time my overall measurement techniques and use of the equipment improved. Using the flow meter with the tape measure allowed more effective measurement… Read More

This week is difficult to reflect on. It was both highly eventful and highly uneventful. It was uneventful in a way because I worked more on projects outside of RECCS (such as the summer class that I am enrolled in) and catching up with my family during 4th of July weekend and watching fireworks. However,… Read More

Analyzing the ground truth data, I found the paths that are optimal to take if you want to find Gold. Some of these blast holes yielded up to 200 p arts per million of Gold. Please take a look: -Henry      … Read More

I often times find myself with some sort of word or sentence that gets stuck in my head, like one of those annoying pop songs on the radio. When this happens, I find myself most inspired to craft a poem around the word or sentence. I have been like this my whole life; written language… Read More

I didn’t know what to expect starting out here at NOAA. Everyone was so official, and I most definitely had (and sometimes still have) impostor syndrome. Looking back at all that I have accomplished with the GeoMag team thus far, (something I knew near NOTHING about originally,) I can confidently say, although I will be… Read More