This week we spent time ironing out details and testing some of our methods. We met with another lab and found pretty much all of the chemicals we will need to run our tests. Pictured above is Western Catalpa pollen stained in aniline blue, which is a dye that has been used to distinguish between… Read More

This week I was finally able to format my data so that it is now all on the same timescale with the same time intervals. That’s the main thing I’ve been working towards this entire time with all the coding and manipulation of data sets. So what does that mean? It means I can now… Read More

Things are looking really good this week; we now finally have composites that show us where events are primarily taking place. It has been difficult getting the code to work properly, but after a week, things are finally coming together. My mentor has been out all week, so I’m not really sure what all these… Read More

I don’t have any fun picture for you this week, and sadly I don’t have any good news yet either. Turns out it was the pump in the GC that was the problem. Therefore, we had to take the instrument out of the mobile lab and to the manufacturer. Luckily the manufacturer is just in… Read More

What a week of progress! My mentor has been out for the week, so I have essentially been left running the fire simulator and rainfall simulator. We took my own truck (cool) to get soil samples in the field. We were also lucky enough to be joined by Ben Livneh who offered some of his… Read More

I was lucky enough to have spent the last week at the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. It was exciting to finally get out into the field and learn some of the processes. One of the sites where we have some germination plots was still covered in snow, so we were not able to make it… Read More

This week I streamlined my project a little bit (seems to be just continuous trimming) but less because of time and more because I have 40 + plates that need to be sequenced. I am happy though because, for the most part, I have completed 90% of my plating for the conditions I have them… Read More

This week I don’t feel like I accomplished a lot, so I don’t have much to talk about. I struggled with the programs I’m using; Igor and Hysplit, and made a bit of progress but didn’t feel like enough. Things ended on a high note though, on Friday I feel like I did make some… Read More

This week I have made quite a bit of media. Not social media. This kind that wee-beasties eat! This project requires a lot of food for the little buggas. I will be providing them a constant flow of media so that I can keep them in exponential phase. This means that they will be growing… Read More

This past week we checked on and collected nests from nest boxes in and around Boulder. Chickadee breeding season is coming to a close for the season here in Boulder. Boulder had approximately 30 cultivated nests used in the available nest boxes housed in trees and contained in North and Central Boulder areas. We also… Read More