So I meant to post this last night but I am sure this is fine. I can not believe that we are in our final week of this internship. I have gained so much knowledge and experience and am so excited to continue to pursue my career in the Earth Sciences. I am also very… Read More

This is the beginning of the last week of our program. The last few days/nights have been spent in front of my computer trying to analyze/interpret data, and put my poster together. I am excited and anxious for the week ahead! There is still much work to be done!… Read More

Man. What a whirlwind of an experience this has been. Finishing up my poster and presentation in a few days. Can’t believe that we will be presenting our research in 2 weeks. Nervous about memorizing what I need to memorize. This past week we had our crowdmag day. Thanks for Vanessa for attending. She was… Read More

So, the panic can now start setting in! I cannot believe that we only have two weeks. This past week, I have been doing a lot of lab work in order to analyze the samples that we collected in the field. I have extracted the DNA of my water samples as well as the over… Read More

Ah! I’ve been neglectful, in terms of blogging. Since my last post, I’ve been out to the field twice. This last time we didn’t take my truck, which proved to be tricky when it came to storing soil samples (we had a few fallen soldiers). I have been VERY busy with focusing on the new… Read More

This week was abnormally hands on. I had to build a second chemostat and that called for a good bit of plumbing. I cut quite a few pipes and swage locked countless things together. there are so many pipes surrounding the chemostats that it looks like a jungle. All for my wee-beasites to grow. I… Read More

Started to work on my poster this past week. I can’t believe how quickly time is flying by. Nervous and excited about everything that I am doing but feel as though I am quickly running out of time. Just got to stay ahead and keep working hard. Also excited that I am almost finally done… Read More

This week was chock full of things! I finally inoculated my chemostat and didn’t kill them. I also got started on setting up a second one. Pictures speak better than words here. The chemostat on the right is the first test chamber and the one on the left Is the second one that I almost… Read More

This week, we travelled to Wyoming and Montana to take samples at nine sites along the Powder River. We drove 1992 Suburban down and stayed in three different towns while we were there: Kaycee Wyoming, Buffalo Wyoming, and Broadus Montana. All of these places were very rural and it was hard to avoid any meat… Read More

As I realize how quick this internship is passing, I am doing my best to keep up with it. We designed our first figure of the final poster this past week, which was really cool. This week, I will start to be putting together my powerpoint presentation (what I can at least) and continue to… Read More