Former Fulbright Scholar, Julia Schubert, Earns her PhD

In 2017, Julia Schubert was part of CSTPR as a visiting Fulbright Scholar from the Forum Internationale Wissenschaft in Bonn, Germany. She successfully defended her thesis in April 2019.

In her thesis, Julia asks how a curious scientific idea became serious politics. She traces the career of geoengineering—from its roots in the first explorations of human agency in climate change all the way to its recent rise within climate-policy agendas around the globe. Drawing from documentation of federal proceedings (1990–2015), Julia placed a particular focus on the context of U.S. politics as she followed the exploration of geoengineering through congressional hearings, legislative procedures, and Executive Branch reports. Through the lens of this case, her thesis disentangles the many threads of scientific inquiry, national policy, and global geopolitical contexts, that have shaped and eventually brought forth this this “bad idea whose time has come” (Kintisch). 

On April 17, the Austrian Academy of Sciences announced that Julia and two other colleagues won the first prize for a joint contribution to their essay competition on the question “Can the Social Relevance of Research be Evaluated and, if so, how?”.

Congratulations Julia!

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