Framing in Climate Change Videos

León, B., M. Boykoff, J. Huda, and C. Rodrigo (2018), Framing in Climate Change Videos. Communicating Science and Technology Through Online Video: Researching a New Media Phenomenon, Ed. Bienvenido León and Michael Bourk, 107-119, Routledge.

Book Description: Online video’s unique capacity to reach large audiences makes it a powerful tool to communicate science and technology to the general public. The outcome of the international research project “Videonline,” this book provides a unique insight into the key elements of online science videos, such as narrative trends, production characteristics, and issues of scientific rigor. If offers various methodological approaches: a literature review, content analysis, and interviews and surveys of expert practitioners to provide information on how to maintain standards of rigour and technical quality in video production.

Read chapter 9: Framing in Climate Change Videos

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