Ogmius, Newsletter of CSTPR, Issue 40 is Now Out


Issue 40, Spring 2015

Ogmius Exchange: The Project Issue

Spring has arrived in Boulder and with it, a sense of possibility and excitement. At the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research we seem to have an abundance of good work going on.

For instance, along with the Environmental Studies Program, some of us have participated in the creation of a new Professional Masters’ in the Environment, a newly approved professional degree kicking off in 2016. Now on the heels of that initiative we are moving to create a new Professional Masters’ in Science and Technology Policy, also looking toward a 2016 start.

We have recently added a new faculty member to the Center, Steve Vanderheiden, (see news story) who adds to our expertise in political theory and practice. We’ve had visitors come (and go) from around the world, and look forward to more coming this spring. In short, it is a good time to be at the Center!

With this issue of Ogmius, we highlight a number of projects that are either ongoing or in development at our Center, to share with our readers some of the emerging and innovative work conducted by our faculty.

Recently, I went to our faculty and asked them to send me their best projects — those with the most potential for making a difference. Here is what they reported back to me, with more details on these projects appearing below:

  • Max Boykoff directs a program in partnership with the Red Cross/Red Crescent that places student interns in Africa over the summer to improve climate change communication and adaptation decision-making.
  • Deserai Crow is focusing on wildfire management and mitigation outreach in the Western US, a topic of central importance to those of us living in fire-prone regions.
  • Also in the American West, Lisa Dilling is looking at community responses to extreme events, seeking to improve the usability of scientific information.
  • Ben Hale is undertaking a major, innovative effort to bring ethics and values relating to climate change to film.

Read on for more details. Thanks for your support!

Roger Pielke, Jr.
Director, CSTPR

Selected Center Projects

Drivers of Adaptation in the American West
Led by Professor Lisa Dilling

Shifting Frontier
Led by Professor Ben Hale

Inside the Greenhouse (ITG): Building Capacity for Creative Climate Communications
Led by Professor Max Boykoff

Wildfire Management and Mitigation Outreach in the Wildland-Urban Interface: Case Study and Survey Research in the western United States
Led by Professor Deserai Crow

Media and Climate Change Observatory (MeCCO)
Led by Professor Max Boykoff

Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre Internship
Led by Professor Max Boykoff

View full issue.

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