CSTPR’s MECCO Project Winner of 2014 Best Digital Data Management Plans and Practices Competition


Winners of the 2014 Best Digital Data Management Plans and Practices Competition

University of Colorado News
September 17, 2014

Several awards were made to those who had submitted proposals to the “2014 Best Digital Data Management Plans and Practices” competition sponsored by University of Colorado’s Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research.

CSTPR’s Media and Climate Change Observatory (MECCO) was among one of the winners. MECCO systematically monitors media coverage of climate change in fifty sources across twenty-five countries around seven regions of the world member (Maxwell T. Boykoff [CIRES and Environmental Studies]), a postdoctoral scholar (Joanna Boehnert [CIRES]), four PhD students (Lucy McAllister [Environmental Studies], Meaghan Daly [Environmental Studies], Lauren Gifford [Geography], and Xi Wang [Environmental Studies]) and one Masters student (Kevin Andrews [Environmental Studies]). This work is a continuation of ongoing media monitoring collaborations with colleagues in Japan (Midori Aoyagi-Usui), the United Kingdom (Maria Mansfield) and Spain (Rogelio Fernandez Reyes).

The complete list of winners are:

  • L. Erin Baxter (Anthropology) in the category of Arts and Humanities
  • Joanna Boehnert (CIRES) in the category of Physical Sciences
  • Lindsay Skog (Geography) in the category of Social Sciences
  • Yuko Munakata (Psychology) in the category of Life Sciences

Congratulations to the winners! Examples of their exemplary data management plans are available at https://data.colorado.edu/cudmpguidance.

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