The days fly by quickly now. The end of this leg is in sight and there is still so much to do and re-do! So it seems that the time speeds up. And the chaos has contributed to this feeling as well. Major ice dynamics running from the northwest to the southeast of us, across the bow of the ship. They have sheared our camp, and the Fortress, in half. This was part of a regional event with lots of ice motion, likely driven by a strong storm with very high winds. Initially the lead opened many meters across, then some shear with the far side of camp moving towards the ship, then away again. In the last days it all moved again…. Perhaps 500m. And now the Met City is almost directly in front of Polarstern, while Ocean City remains approximately where it was (just a slight move to stay away from the ridge). A much longer daily voyage for us to get to Met City, and now it means bringing fuel cans to run generators. Met City is now very dark.

This is the map of our central observatory, which was accurate until to the end of the storm. Now there is a crack with Met City, Remote Sensing Site, ROV Oasis on one side and Polarstern on the other side. The three scientific stations drifted to the port side of the vessel even after the storm. Our ice camp layout has changed with the ice movements and the setup of our camp will be mapped shortly again. Alfred-Wegener-Institut image.

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